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Mr Malhotra’s work interests many people in the medical world and beyond. The following are a selection of features or news stories about him.


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  • Mr Malhotra speaks at the Ocular Surface Insight OSI Webinar on Oculoplastic Surgery and Assessment in Ocular Surface Disease. May 2020 

  • Mr Malhotra speaks at the KKESH Global Education Forum via Webinar during covid-19 on the topic of Orbital cellulitis.


  • The QVH corneal neurotisation team are awarded the Bron Award for their presentation at MCLOSA 2019 (The Medical Contact Lens and Ocular Surface Association) Annual Conference.
  • Mr Malhotra speaks at the Emirates Society of Ophthalmology, Abu Dhabi. October 2019.
  • Mr Malhotra nominated for QVH Staff Award. comment: "l would like to recognise Mr Malhotra simply for his extraordinary manner and patience which puts people so very much at rest. An extraordinary man."

  • "Developments in Oculoplastic Surgery". Article in EYE NEWS https://www.eyenews.uk.com/features/ophthalmology/post/developments-in-oculoplastic-surgery

  • Mr Malhotra speaks on lower eyelid blepharoplasty and also perfoms live surgery at Barcelona Oculoplastics International meeting, IMO, Barcelona April.

  • Mr Malhotra participates in the inaugural Manchester evisceration and enucleation course,  March 2019

  • Commencing an NIHR Portfolio prospective validation trial at QVH on the TEARS grading classification developed by Mr Malhotra for grading watery eyes.

  • Commenced Mentorship coaching scheme at QVH: a system of mentorship for established consultants.




  • Mr Malhotra is awarded Top Ten Reviewer Award EYE Journal 2017. The journal acknowledges and highlights ten reviewers who have contributed the most throughout the year.  
  • Mr Malhotra is nominated for a QVH Staff Award in the category: Outstanding Patient Experience. Comments included, "Mr Malhotra, despite working under pressure, seems to have the knack of being able to turn his concentration on each patient individually, making them feel important and of value."
  • The QVH corneal neurotisation team wins the Best Oral Presentation Award at The Annual Congress of the European Society of Ophthalmic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery at the Karolinska Institute, Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Mr Malhotra collaborates with a team from Japan to describe two new layers of fat in the lower eyelid: The inter- and post-lower eyelid retractor fat pads.

  • The QVH corneal neurotisation team wins the Foulds Trophy for Best Rapid Fire Presentation at the RCOphth Annual Congress, Liverpool

  • Receives research ethics committee approval to commence a study on outcomes of cosmetic scleral shells

  • QVH sets up and begins a prospective national artificial eye study. A Portfolio Study.

  • The corneal neurotisation team at QVH continue to achieve successful outcomes restoring corneal sensation. Largest series in the UK to date.

  • Mr Malhotra is awarded the IWantGreatCare certificate of excellence.



  • Mr Malhotra's Platinum chain features in the Hippocratic Post online
    Mr Malhotra's team conducts Corneal Neurotisation surgery to restore corneal sensation, using nerve grafts at QVH.


  • Mr Malhotra completes a prospective study to confirm and describe an exciting new addition to the anatomy textbooks, a distinct layer of fat in the eyelid previously not reported in the anatomy books: ”the post aponeurosis fat pad”. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/25575269
  • Mr Malhotra speaks on ophthalmic management in facial palsy at the Consensus and Controversies meeting: Multidisciplinary management of Facial Palsy. Royal Society of Medicine. London. May
  • Mr Malhotra receives The Koornneef Award from the Dutch Orbital Society.
  • Mr Malhotra is a keynote speaker at the Dutch Orbital Society meeting, Amsterdam and speaks on the non-aesthetic uses of fillers in the eyelid region..


  • Mr Malhotra speaks at the Facial Palsy UK annual general meeting on protecting the eye
  • Mr Malhotra speaks at CCR Expo (Clinical+Cosmetic+Reconstructive), Olympia, London on "Platinum Segments: A new option for adjustable upper eyelid loading in facial palsy".
  • The Corneoplastic Unit begins a prospective study evaluating skin contraction in patients with facial weakness.
  • The Corneoplastic Unit begins a prospective trial evaluating a new method and technique for meibography.
  • British Journal Ophthalmology publishes a pilot study conducted by Mr Malhotra and colleagues reporting the benefit of the novel use of systemic androgen therapy for evaporative dry eye: Transdermal androgen patches in evaporative dry eye syndrome with androgen deficiency: a pilot study Br J Ophthalmol bjophthalmol-2013-304637Published Online First: 16 December 2013
  • Mr Malhotra is appointed to the editorial board as section editor for the journal Clinical and Experimental Ophthalmology


  • Mr Malhotra celebrates 10 years as a consultant oculoplastic surgeon at the Queen Victoria Hospital - November
  • Features in Crawley Observer - October
  • The Corneoplastic Unit and the Prosthetics department at QVH begin a prospective trial evaluating a new regime for artificial eye maintenance and polishing.
  • The Corneoplastic Unit begins a prospective trial to evaluate the Malhotra platinum segments for facial weakness and lagophthalmos. 
  • The Corneoplastic Unit begins a randomised, prospective trial to evaluate the effect of Manuka honey on eyelid wound healing following ptosis and blepharoplasty surgery.
  • Best oral presentation award, BOPSS Annual Meeting. June 2013.
  • Mr Malhotra gives a lecture and live demonstration of tear trough filler treatment at FACE conference, London, June 2013
  • Mr Malhotra features on ITN News. Patient Hanifa, acid burn case - June 
  • Mr Malhotra features in an article by Amanda Platell. Daily Mail 25.4.2013: 'I've never thought of myself as a vain woman but suddenly, I was an object of pity': Amanda Platell reveals the physical and mental scars left by cancer treatment. - April PDF 
  • Live surgery by Mr Malhotra is televised on "Pinoy MD", a weekly national television programme, GMA 7 Channel, Philippines - April
  • Mr Malhotra carries out live televised endoscopic DCR surgery at Queen Victoria Hospital:Thames Regional Study Day - April
  • Corneoplastic Unit is awarded "Exceptional Service Team of the Year", Queen Victoria Hospital Annual Staff Awards - March


  • Teaches at the Alcon "Oculoplastics Back to Basics Study Day" - October
  • Features in Crawley Observer - September
  • Mr Malhotra is appointed Head of the Corneoplastic Unit, Queen Victoria Hospital
  • Lecture at Annual British Oculoplastic Surgery Society Meeting - June
  • Conducts Masterclass workshop at Q-Med Academy, Paris - June
  • Carries out live televised surgery and workshops demonstrations at Fusion 2012 International meeting, Hyderabad, India-February



  • Awarded a Bronze National Clinical Excellence Award by Department of Health-September
  • Appointed as section editor for the British Journal of Ophthalmology-August
  • Visits the Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Centre, Tanzania-July. He helped in the outpatient clinic, taught live surgery and gave teaching lectures to resident doctors.
  • Appears on BBC Radio Sussex Breakfast Show - May 
  • Lecturing and conducting a live procedure demonstration at the 9th International Course in Advances in Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery. Barcelona, Spain - March
  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration and teaching workshop for German plastic surgeons and dermatologists at the Q-MED Aesthetic "Training-the-trainers" seminar, Frankfurt, Germany – February




  • Conducted live demonstration for Tear Trough filling at IMCAS (International Masterclass on Aging Skin) Paris, France by way of invitation from Q-Med (makers of Restylane) to demonstrate the new PixL blunt-tip cannula - January 2011




  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration and workshop for German plastic surgeons and dermatologists at the Q-MED Aesthetic seminar, Munich, Germany – October
  • Conducted live demonstration at the Annual meeting of the British Association of Cosmetic Doctors, UK - October
  • Conducted live demonstration at IAAFA annual meeting, Royal Society of Medicine, London - September
  • Marie Claire-Future Beauty Guide 2010: Best for eyes - September - Cover Cover
  • Prima Magazine: Non-surgical browlifting and upper eyelid contouring - August. Cover
  • Invited speaker in Damascus, Syria and Mr Malhotra meets the Prime Minister - July.  News article-(1), Photo-(2)
  • Tatler Beauty & cosmetic surgery guide 2010: Best for eyes – May pdf
  • Grazia magazine: The 10-minute eyelift – March pdf
  • Daily Express: A sight for sore eyes – January NW




  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration and workshop for Swiss plastic surgeons and dermatologists at the Q-MED Aesthetic seminar, Berne, Switzerland – November
  • Featuring in Body Language (The UK Journal of Medical Aesthetics and Anti-Ageing) – July NW
  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration at the Q-MED National Day, Berlin, Germany – May
  • Cosmetic Surgery and Aesthetics Magazine – May NW
  • Tatler: Top eyelid surgeon... – May pdf
  • Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2009: Listed as one of the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons pdf NW
  • Prima Magazine – March
  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration Upper eyelid rejuvenation using Restylane at IMCAS (International Master Course on Aging Skin), Paris – January NW





  • Daily Mail: Rise of the man jab! – December
  • Prima Magazine – September
  • ITV: NHS 60: Queen Victoria Hospital Centre of Excellence – July NW video
  • BBC: Cure for rare sight condition – June NW video
  • Hello! magazine – June
  • Eve magazine – May
  • The Times: Filters prevent blindness of eyes that won’t open – May NW
  • Woman & Home – March
  • Tatler Beauty & Cosmetic Surgery Guide 2008: listed as one of the UK’s top cosmetic surgeons NW
  • Red magazine – March pdf
  • Daily Mail: How cosmetic surgeons decide what small changes will make a woman beautiful – January NW
  • Aesthetic Medicine 2008: speaking about tear trough rejuvenation




  • Conducts masterclass tear trough filler rejuvenation workshops at Q-MED (Restylane headquarters), London – Nov/Dec
  • Talking to and conducting a live demonstration, Tear trough orbito-facial rejuvenation using Perlane, at Perfect Sense, the Restylane Annual Conference, Royal College of Physicians, Regents Park, London – September pdf
  • Conducts a masterclass workshop, Restylane Master Class – Advanced techniques. Tear Trough Indication using Restylane Perlane, at the European congress in aesthetic dermatology and surgery & European congress of anti-aging medicine, Palais des Congres de Paris – October
  • Daily Mail: The ten-minute eye lift, giving the experiences of two patients having tear trough rejuvenation – August NW
  • Co-organiser, Orbito-facial Rejuvenation course, British Library, London – September
  • Conducting tear trough filler workshops. Attendees include plastic and oculoplastic surgeons, dermatologists and leading cosmetic doctors in London – June, July pdf
  • ITN: update on Sundeep Hunjan, an acid attack victim treated by Mr Malhotra – March NW
  • Malhotra Endonasal DCR punch released by Altomed. A lateral (right or left-side directed) bone punch designed by Malhotra to improve on a step within endonasal endoscopic DCR pdf
  • Recipient of the American Academy of Ophthalmology's Achievement Award 2007
  • Selected for inclusion in the 2007 edition of the Dictionary of International Biography NW
  • Selected for inclusion in the 2006-2007 edition of Who’s Who in Medicine and Healthcare NW




  • BUPA Today: Facing a brighter future on using cosmetic surgery, anti-ageing and facial filler injections for facial palsy rehabilitation – November
  • The Times: Plastic Fantastic – Malhotra reviews Nip/Tuck in a panel of experts – May
  • Mid Sussex Times: Village pays for op for clinic manager – March NW
  • East Grinstead Courier: Nothing in the world can match these skills – January pdf




  • McIndoe Burns Support Group: The story of Sundeep Hunjan, acid attack victim pdf
  • BBC: Burns girl ‘able to blink again’ – June NW
  • BBC: Sundeep Hunjan – her life was turned upside down – June NW
  • BBC: Fundraising boost for burns woman – June NW




  • Visiting the Sadguru Netra Chikitsalaya Hospital, Chitrakoot, India on behalf of the Australia-India Council – December NW


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